If you’re a new business owner, transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, or oh-so-ready to get started launching your own business…

It’s Time to Make Your Business Success a Reality!

Are You Ready to Finally Start Earning a Great Living Doing the Work You Love?

You likely started your business (or want to start it) for one of four reasons…

  • To be able to do work you actually enjoy
  • To get away from an energy-draining job full of mind-numbing tasks and a tedious work environment
  • To control your own destiny and have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want
  • To be engaged in work that has meaning, purpose, and authenticity for you

Or maybe it’s a combination of these. But so far, your business isn’t taking off as you’d hoped.  Or, it’s overwhelming just thinking about how to even begin.  You may even find yourself starting to doubt that self-employment success is possible for you.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

You CAN fill your days with the work you LOVE to do.
You CAN escape that 9-5 and enjoy the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

You CAN control your own destiny and do all you want to do.
You CAN have the meaning and abundant fulfillment you long for.

And you can start transforming your business today
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The Expansive Entrepreneur’s coaching services help
new entrepreneurs – just like you – make it through those
first critical stages of self-employment with more ease, confidence,
balance, and success than you may think is possible!

Relaxed Happy Entreprenista

Blueprint.1Once you have the IDEA, DESIRE, PASSION, INTENTION, and COMMITMENT – wonderful!
The very next thing you absolutely need is a CLEAR, STEP-BY-STEP ROAD MAP that will organize all you have to do to launch and grow your own business!

Not having a simple plan for knocking out all your to-do’s is one of the top sure-fire causes of self-employment frustration, overwhelm, procrastination, and lack of successful results.

Get “Your Ultimate Breakthrough Action Planning Blueprint” Today!

If you’re struggling to make your business work, or you want to be sure to avoid a lot of hardship as you start building your dream business…
Just imagine…

  • How great it will be to have crystal clarity, focus, energy, and momentum
  • Having a clear, step-by-step road map that makes your business-growing journey smooth and effortless
  • Being comfortable and confident with things like networking, marketing, and communicating with your niche market
  • Finding more time in your already-busy schedule, and more balance
  • Identifying ways to monetize what you do, and scale up your business as it grows
  • Having someone to hold you accountable and help keep you on track
  • Having a sounding board to bounce your ideas off of and get feedback
  • Starting to make money with your business



It happens when you create the work you love.  It happens when you create the life you want.