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For Woman Entrepreneurs In Your Early Stages of Self-Employment:

Discover How To Really Get Your Business Off The Ground and Start Moving Forward With More Ease, Comfort, and Control

Do you find yourself:

  • Struggling to build your own business, which leaves you feeling doubtful, inadequate, and unsure if you have what it takes, or if you’re on the right track?
  • Unable to see real forward progress and successful outcomes, even though you’re putting so much time and energy into your business?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by too much to do, but not enough time to do it all?
  • Dreading the thought of networking, marketing, and selling because it feels so uncomfortable to communicate what you do in a way that feels authentic for you?

The good news is that when you have the right guidance, tools, support and resources, you can:

  • Have a clear, easy, step-by-step roadmap to masterfully organize and prioritize your to-do’s for high-impact results and progress you can see.
  • Put all the pieces together in a way that makes sense for you and your business.
  • Get your business to take off with more ease, comfort, and control than you may think is possible.
  • Start having the autonomy, meaning, purpose, happiness, fulfillment, and abundant lifestyle you dream of - sooner rather than later.

And it all starts with a FREE Entrepreneur Breakthrough Session.

  • Create a sense of clarity about the business you really want to have.
  • Find out the essential building blocks for having the business of your dreams.
  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from having the successful self-employment and business you want.
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you toward having your own business you’ll love, and the quality of life you desire.
  • Complete the call with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to build the business you truly want.

Here at The Expansive Entrepreneur, I can help you get rid of the struggling, frustration, stagnation, and spinning your wheels, so that you can have a much smoother journey through your early stages of self-employment and build the amazing business you envision, and have the quality of life you dream about.

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What Expansive Entrepreneur clients are saying.

  • It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in just three coaching sessions.  When I signed up for this program I was all over the place.  I had so many ideas and didn’t know where to start.  During the first session Lisa helped me focus on the business idea I was most excited about, and I realized that I could get going with it more easily than I’d thought.  Then we started working on an action plan.  In the last two sessions we put together an action plan that would carry me through for a few months.

    Lisa was great about making sure that I had actual action steps that I could work on, and we spent some time prioritizing them so that I could work the plan around my work schedule.  I felt that she really listened and cared about my process.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone who needs to gain focus and organize their plan.

    - Christina W.
  • When I talked with Lisa, I was looking for the best way to transition into a new career.  In one hour, we outlined how I could connect and network with individuals in my desired field, and constructed an action plan regarding time management.  Even with my full schedule working full-time and being a mom, I became more aware of how much real time I actually had that would allow me to job search and network.  Lisa also provided some specific outlets I could explore to find contacts.

    It was refreshing to work with a professional with a passion to help others devise a life plan.  Lisa provided invaluable feedback and suggestions, and was very welcoming, which allowed me to speak freely.  I now feel confident in completing the action plan we created, and have more confidence that I can transition into my new desired career field.

    - Catrinia B.
  • Lisa McCaskill’s coaching provides calm energy and a non-judgmental space in which to find clarity. Before coaching with Lisa, I was feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Lisa’s generous empathy and insightful questions facilitated my progress towards prioritizing my goals and keeping my schedule focused and productive. Her compassion and encouragement created the opportunity for me to establish a schedule that allows my family to thrive. Now I am better able to balance my daughter’s active schedule with my own passions and responsibilities. Every working mother can use the support and confidence that Lisa’s coaching provides.

    - Beth E.

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